New Home Construction Inspectors

New Construction Home
From design to finish

With all the new building going up here in central Ohio and with building departments overwhelmed with inspection, shouldn’t you have your own expert to inspect that new home that you are building or having built?

Someone with actual experience? Someone who could run a building department? Some who has code enforcement experience?

X-Ray vision

The time to have Inspector Mike®look at that new house is during construction. Any time after drywall is too late. A home inspection at the end will make you warm and fuzzy inside but it will not protect your investment.

Home inspectors can not list the code defects in their report. Because they are not allowed to determine if something is a defect or not. Home inspectors are limited to commenting on the condition of the existing homes that they inspect.

Many home inspectors have discovered that they can come in and inspect you new home and if they miss something they just say “well I’m not a code inspector”. What a scam. Take someone’s money knowing that 1 you are not qualified and 2 hoping that you will not be found out!