New Construction Checklist

Free Construction Checklist

Especially useful in areas with no certified building department.

Everyone searches for a good new construction, phase inspection, checklist. Well, here is the required new construction checklist that all inspectors are to follow:

Required Inspections Check List and Guide for Inspector Use

Not for home inspector use.

Required for this Approval  Inspection description for new construction homes  Inspector’s notesOK to proceed
Y / NLot Line Marking (RCO 108.2.1)
 Request before excavation begins of any new foundations 
 Verify permanent markers at boundary intersections   Confirm location of building(s) (possibly utilities)   Confirm distance to lot lines   May check distance to easements, ROW, etc.   Other  
Y / NExcavation for footings and underground utilities (RCO 108.2.2) 
 Request after excavation is complete; forms, reinforcing and rough ins are in place; and before concrete is poured for footings and foundations or backfill operations commence for utilities. 
 Verify soil classification and bearing capacity.   Confirm   dimensions: depth (frost), width, thickness, and steps of footings.   Confirm reinforcing steel, ties, spacing and coverage (when used).   Confirm pipe size and slope (when installed).   Confirm bedding and backfill materials.   Confirm concrete mix design and slump (if on- site).   Other  
Y / NFoundation (RCO 108.2.2) 
 If separate from excavation inspection, request after forms, reinforcing and rough- ins are in place and before concrete placement or backfill operations commence 
 Verify relationship to footings, piers, caissons, etc.   Confirm structural assembly materials (wood,  
Not for home inspector use.
Required for this Approval  Inspection description for new construction homes  Inspector’s notesOK to proceed
 CMU, concrete, reinforcing, grout, mortar, etc)   Confirm dimensions: height, width, steps, cantilevers   Confirm reinforcing steel, ties, spacing and coverage   Confirm drainage   Confirm damp proofing/waterproofing   Confirm backfill materials   Other                                    
Y / NConcrete slab & under-floor inspection (RCO 108.2.3) 
 Request after all in slab or under floor equipment, piping, insulation, vapor retarders, conduit and pathways are installed but before concrete poured or sheathing installed 
 Confirm equipment and piping is properly supported and insulated as required.   Confirm   gravel    base    and   concrete slab thickness.   Confirm vapor barrier is placed, seams and penetrations are sealed.   Confirm concrete mix design.   Confirm wood structure protected from water, termite and fire damage.   Other                                 
Y / NLowest floor elevation verification (RCO 108.2.4) 
 If the approved construction documents identify the building’s location in a flood hazard area per Table 301.2(1), request after lowest floor is constructed. 
 Verify the specified elevation of the lowest floor.   Other                                 
Y / NFrame Inspection (RCO 108.2.5)  
 Request after the following inspections are satisfactorily completed: Rough mechanical (piping/ducts/heating cables)Rough electrical (boxes, conduits, pathways, cabling and protections)Rough plumbing (water/sanitary/storm) And after the following work is complete:Chimneys & vents installedStructural framing is complete through roof sheathing Fire blocking/stopping is in place Other But before insulation, lath and gypsum is installed 
 Verify: 1.  General     construction    including                      materials,  
Not for home inspector use.
Required for this Approval  Inspection description for new construction homes  Inspector’s notesOK to proceed
 assemblies, methods, fastening.   Confirm location of braced wall lines and construction of braced wall panels (exterior and interior as required).   Verify location of bearing and non-bearing walls in relationship to footings, piers, caissons, etc.   Confirm grade & species of wood, gage & type of metal.   In masonry assemblies, confirm compression strength, reinforcement (including grout) and type of mortar used.   In concrete assemblies, confirm reinforcement, ties, coverage and mix design before concrete is poured.   Dimensions (size, height and spacing) of structural & non-structural members   Bearing/fastening of materials and connections (size and spacing nails, screws, bolts, welds, etc.)   Square footage and height of spaces and ridge/building height   If provided, stair and ramp framing.   Protection from termites and weather   Other      
Y / NLath, Gypsum Board Inspection (RCO 108.2.6) 
 Request after lath and/or gypsum board is installed and before plastering, joint filling and finishing occurs.
 Verify materials   Size: thickness,   Type: interior, exterior, cement, gypsum, water resistant, fire resistant, etc.   Type of fasteners, size, spacing and depth, etc.   Orientation    of   Board:   vertical, horizontal, overlap of joints (spacing)  
Y / NFire-resistive assemblies and penetration inspection (RCO 108.2.7) 
 Request before concealment. 
 Verify labeling of materials   Confirm assembly components and construction with    referenced    design # for dwelling            unit separations.  
Not for home inspector use.
Required for this Approval  Inspection description for new construction homes  Inspector’s notesOK to proceed
   Size, type, and orientation of board in assembly   Type of fasteners, size, spacing and depth, etc.   Internal additional parts, particularly important for rated assemblies: resilient metal furring channel, U, Z & N spacing metal, stud type and spacing, cavity fill material(s)   Check for back-to-back penetrations: outlets; boxes; cabinets, etc.   Floor framing protection   Other                                              
Y / NEnergy Efficiency / Envelope Inspection. (RCO 108.2.8) 
 Request before concealment. 
 Verify material’s labelingTypeSize: thicknessU & R values   Infiltration protection method: putties; weather- striping; door & window specifications and manufacturer’s instructions; ductwork wrap and sealing; air barrier, infiltration wraps and vapor retarders   Equipment efficiency: furnace/AC unit; water heater; humidifier; dehumidifier; etc. manufacturer’s plate to match spec & installation in accordance with manufacturer’s installation instruction (check against listing)   Verify “blower door” test; per referenced standard, written report, responsible party and result   Verify “duct blaster” test (when necessary)   Confirm certificate of energy performance  
Y / NBuilding Services Equipment Systems inspections: (RCO 108.2.9) 
 Request after completion of rough-in, before framing and energy inspections 
 MechanicalHeating (appliance, ducting, and venting)Ventilation (whole house and local)Exhaust (local exhaust)Cooling (appliance, ducting and piping)   PlumbingPotable water (supply and distribution)Sanitary    waste    and    vent    (drain and discharge)Storm water (drain and discharge)Automatic fire sprinkler system (option)   Fire Protection SystemsFire alarmsCarbon monoxide alarmsAlarm systems with detectors (option)  
Not for home inspector use.
Required for this Approval  Inspection description for new construction homes  Inspector’s notesOK to proceed
 ElectricalPathways, conduit, boxes (maybe wiring).Overcurrent protectionGrounding and bondingCabling and protections  
 Request after completion of system for final inspection 
 MechanicalConfirm    installation    and    connection of controlsVerify insulation location, R-value and label   PlumbingConfirm setting and connection of fixturesVerify insulation location. R-value and label   ElectricalPower – Devices, covers, AFCI, GFCI, wiring, grounding and bondingLighting – lampingLow voltage – under 25 volts and over 50 watts  
 8. Final/operative inspections to verify that are installed in accordance with the approved construction documents, listings, manufacturer’s installation instructions and that all tests required have been conducted  
Y / NOther inspections based on project scope. (RCO 108.2.10) 
 At the building official’s discretion, additional inspections may be included in the list of required inspections provided to the owner with the certificate of plan approval. Request the inspection at the time and the direction of the inspection listing. 
 Accessibility – exterior & interior   Special Inspections – reports & records of findings and sequence of corrections, etc   Structural steel –   Roof assemblies – design details, installation of underlayment/sub-base & exposed surface, fastening, wind exposed edge detail….installed in accordance with manufacturer’s installation instructions and approved construction docs   Weather – exposed outer surfaces; windows, rain screens, weather resistive barrier, flashings   Egress systems – width and height clearances, door swings, and adequacy of elements in means of egress system.     Final inspections  
Not for home inspector use.
Required for this Approval  Inspection description for new construction homes  Inspector’s notesOK to proceed
Y / NIndustrialized Unit (IU) inspections. (RCO 108.2.12) 
 Request at the time of delivery of IU. 
 Verify the unit is marked with an insignia from the Board of Building Standards   Verify the unit has same floor plan, elevation and exterior detail as shown on approved construction documents associated with the insignia.   Verify the unit is undamaged from transportation or weather.  
 Request at appropriate times after on-site construction is complete 
 4.  Verify  on-site  construction,  attachment  to foundation, interconnection of modules, and connection to utilities